Saturday, 15 July 2017

SIMS 2: Links to Bootylicious and MoD

These were taken down so I could organise them.

Pics for the MoD are in the link

Here's a link to the Bootylicious CC

Here's a link to the MoD CC

Credit goes to BobbyTH and Chris Hatch and to all those creators who clothing and shoes that were used to make these meshes.

You can find more outfits by Loonie at Back Alley Sims  - Unable to provide link but look for the Loonie Bin section.

TOU - Loonie can update any broken links already shared at Back Alley Sims as I'll already have those items. Not any more new conversions on these meshes as I wouldn't be able to download them.

All older copies of TOU are obsolete and the screengrabs Loonie attached to her threads do not count.  Screengrabs are against my TOU on all blogs.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

SIMS 4: Fitness Stuff Wrap by Julie J

You need the new Fitness Stuff Pack for this to show in game - Base Game Compatible version coming soon

Everyday wear - Works with Sliders - Teen through to Elder

Recolours welcome - Please link back for the mesh, no paysites, no Back Alley Sims, no adfly

Also at SexySims and LoversLab 

Thursday, 8 June 2017

SIMS 4: Female Wrap Retextured by Julie J

You need the mesh from my post HERE

Please don't reupload or claim as your own or another creator's work - No paysites/BAS/Adfly

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

SIMS 4: Female Corset Edited by Julie J

I brightened up the textures and will add more in the future and I made the corset strapless.

For Sleepwear - Teen through to Elder

Please do not profit from my creations or reupload. Also don't reupload or claim as your own or another creator's work. No paysites/No BAS/No adfly and No AllSimsMods  

Sunday, 5 March 2017

SIMS 4: Gimp Mask for Males and Females

For males and females - in 3 colours 

Made from the ninja mask - future versions will be smoother around the eye area. Better versions will be shared at SexySims and/or LoversLab

Terms of use - Please ask if you want to edit the mesh. Recolours welcome but please link back for the mesh. No paysites, Adfly or BackAlleySims.

Can be found in the hat section - under brimless hats

Saturday, 4 March 2017

SIMS 4: Lace Bra Recolours by Julie J

Set for Everyday and Sleepwear and available for Teen through to Elder
Modelled by Nadine Russell


Hair - Peggy (converted to Sims 4 by me)
Skin - SClub
Eyebrows and Eyelashes - Pralinesims
Jeans and Boots - Sims 4 Marigold
Lipstick - Remussims

Sunday, 19 February 2017

SIMS 4: Vintage Glamour Robe Shortened by Julie J

Sleepwear - Work with Sliders - Teen through to Elder

Base Game Compatible

TOU - No paysites/BackAlleySims/adfly and no screengrabbing or using the pics on Sim Secret or anywhere else. Recolours welcome but please link back for the mesh and give credit. Please don’t reupload or claim as your own or another creators work.